Before the order is made, we provide customers with different kinds of services, including technological consultation, product introduction, product demonstration and others. As a result, our customer can get a comprehensive understanding of our range of sheet metal processing machinery, such as basic functions, specifications, models, available services, prices and so on.

During sales, our company selects the best proposal for clients strictly in accordance with the contract and technical regulation. Meanwhile, we monitor and examine the whole process to ensure the high product quality.

After the deal is done, we will set up product file and offer complete after-sales services, such us installation, testing, training, maintenance, information feedback, etc. In addition, the spare parts for different types of metalworking machinery are also supplied.

Detailed Service
1. To make sure that our range of sheet metal fabrication equipment is correctly installed and operated, our company gives corresponding technical training for free concerning operation, maintenance and others. The training time, training place and attending people depend on the equipment, and they are negotiable. During training, we will offer detailed explanations for all the technical questions on operation, maintenance and production. After training, the operators are all qualified and suitable for the job.
2. We offer on-site maintenance service free of charge during product warranty period, which is one year. But this is not available if the machine failure is caused by human factors or irresistible natural disaster.
3. We will give an explicit reply within 1 hour after receiving your maintenance request through the phone. Meanwhile, our professional repair staff will arrive at your factory in 24h for nearby area and 48h for further region.
4. Users can ask for solutions for technical problems through the hotline for after-sales service, and the number is +86-513-80680881.
5. Please be noted that above services are only available when the product failure occurs during normal use.
6. Aside from these, we also conform to relevant laws and regulations.
7. Under the following conditions, the maintenance service is offered, but extra charge should be afforded by customer even if the product is still within warranty period.
a. The metalworking tool is damaged due to human factor or irresistible natural phenomenon.
b. Malfunction or failure aroused by improper operation.
c. Product problem caused by unauthorized assembly, disassembly or transformation.

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