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Quadruple Leveling Machine

The plate leveling machine is a roll leveling machine especially manufactured for leveling sheet metal at room temperature. With enhanced reliability, it is now widely utilized in industries such as metallurgy, vehicle, shipbuilding, container, metal structure, pressure vessel, chemical machinery, etc. It is also a great solution for sheet metal flattening in metalworking industry.

Based on Bauschinger effect, the roller leveling machine gradually levels the sheet metal based on the continuous working of upper and lower rolls. During the leveling process, the internal stress of sheet metal is relieved whilst the curvature becomes uniform. Thus, the end products come with improved flatness and quality.

This sheet metal leveling machine is able to work independently to carry out leveling process for single metal plate, and it can also work together with other types of sheet metal machinery to build up a complete production line for sheet metal processing. To illustrate, it can work in combination with uncoiling machine, feeding device, cutting machine, stacking device, control system, etc. to form a sheet metal leveling and slitting machine.

Major Components

Our metal plate leveling machine is typically made up of the power system, main machine, and the electrical control system.
1. Power System
The power system consists of leveling seat, reducer, coupler, power distribution box, universal drive shaft, and more. High power DC adjustable-speed motor is adopted as the main motor, and it is controlled by a DC controller.
The starting current is less than rated current while the starting torque is higher than rated value, and the response speed for positive and negative rotation is very fast. This motor offers power for leveling process, and allows the metal plate flattening machine to work continuously under high load conditions.

2. Main Machine
The main machine of the plate leveling machine is comprised of the welded base, gantry frame, 13 working rolls including 6 upper rolls and 7 lower rolls, a pair of clamping and feeding rolls, shaft seats for upper and lower rolls, beams, support rolls, support roll seats, worm and worm gear, screw down mechanism for upper roll, etc.

The downward motion of upper roll is adjusted by gear motor through worm and worm gear, and the plate leveling machine is designed with position sensor and digital readout units to display the relevant data. A heavy duty spring is used to eliminate gap in transmission mechanism, and the overlap degree of upper and lower rolls can be regulated conveniently. According to practical application, user can enlarge the infeeding gap and reduce outfeeding gap to enhance leveling precision. For metal plates that are hard to process, the motor rotates in positive and negative directions to process the plate over and over gain for better result.

In order to avoid radial and axial endplay, double row spherical roller bearing is connected to roll shaft seat, and the running resistance is very low. There are 4 groups of support rolls and support roll seats between upper roll and upper beam, and there are another 4 groups of support rolls and support roll seats between lower roll and lower beam. In the vertical direction, wedge block is applied to compensate deflection of working roll caused by load, so the strength and rigidity of working roll are improved. The high-power DC motor is connected with upper and lower rolls by coupler, reducer, power distribution box as well as universal drive shaft, and the working rolls are drive rolls. During leveling stage, metal plate feeding is convenient without sliding problem, and the surface damage is effectively controlled.

3. Electrical Control System
This plate leveling machine takes advantage of electrical control system to achieve centralized control, and this system is made of the operation platform, DC control cabinet and other matching accessories. It is able to control the rotation of main motor, adjust leveling speed, regulate gap between upper and lower rolls. The power supply is 380VAC/50Hz, the ambient temperature should be within -5℃~40℃, and the relative humidity is not over 80%.

Technical Parameters

Model W43G-3 × 1000 W43G-3 × 1600 W43G-6 × 2000 W43G-10 × 2000 W43G-12 × 1200 W43G-12 × 2000 W43G-12 × 2500 W43G-16 × 2000 W43G-16 × 2500 W43G-16 × 3200 W43G-20 × 2500 W43G-25 × 2500 W43G-30 × 3000 W43G-30 × 3000 W43G-32 × 2000 W43G-40 × 2500 W43G-50 × 3000 W43G-80 × 4000
Max. leveling thickness (mm) 3 3 6 10 12 12 12 16 16 16 20 25 30 30 32 40 50 80
Max. leveling width 1000 1600 2000 2000 1200 2000 2500 2000 2500 3200 2500 2500 3000 3000 2000 2500 3000 4000
Min. leveling thickness 0.8 0.8 1.5 2.5 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 6 6 10 8 10 12 25
Yielding limit of plate (MPa) 280 240 360 360 360 360 360 360 360 360 360 360 280 360 360 360 360 800
Distance between working rolls (mm) 60 80 100 150 150 165 165 200 200 210 250 250 300 400 300 400 500 800/ 900
Working roll diameter (mm) 55 75 95 140 140 150 150 180 180 180 220 220 260 340 260 340 400 680/ 870
Working roll number 19 15 13 13 11 11 11 11 11 11 9 9 9 9 9 7 7 7
Leveling speed (m/min) 10 14.4 9 9 3-7 9 7 7 6 7 6 7 7 7 7 7 6 6- 12
Main motor power (kW) 15 18.5 37 45 30 55 63 75 75 90 75 90 85 85 110 132 140 2× 450
Overall dimensions (L×W ×H, mm) 4550 × 1600 × 1560 4740 × 1530 × 2200 5950 × 1480 × 3000 6840 × 2780 × 3470 4920 × 2180 × 3110 7200 × 2600 × 3800 7770 × 2600 × 3800 7870 × 2330 × 4770 8370 × 2330 × 4770 9000 × 2500 × 4800 10070 × 2430 × 4690 11500 × 2900 × 5900 11130 × 2500 × 5580 10850 × 2500 × 5890 11000 × 2900 × 5900 11600 × 3200 × 6000 12400 × 3600 × 7200 22790 × 6940 × 13220

Note: These parameters are subject to change without prior notice, and can't be taken as the specifications for acceptance test.

Product Structure

1. Machine Frame
The computer optimized frame possesses elegant appearance, and the machine body is constructed by steel plate through welding process. Then, tempering is applied, and the tempering time and temperature are over 8 hours and within 650℃~800℃, respectively. Thus, the machine frame shows good shock resistance, excellent strength and rigidity. The beam, base, left and right columns form a tight structure with the help of locating key and high-strength bolt, ensuring the precision of our plate leveling machine. Moreover, plate guiding rolls are set at front and back sides of the columns to prevent collision between metal plate and machine frame.

This sheet metal straightening machine is manufactured using high quality materials, and the mechanical parts, electronic component, electrical appliance and control system are all reliable products offered by famous suppliers.

2. Movable Beam
The upper working roll is mounted on the upper beam, and its raise and descent are realized by worm and worm wheel that are driven by cycloidal pin gear speed reducer. This beam is designed by computer, and the tempering treatment after welding endows it with high strength and good rigidity.

3. Screw Down Mechanism
The mechanism includes motor, lead screw, nut, worm gear reducer, cycloidal pin gear speed reducer, and other components. The metal plate leveling machine is designed with a spring on the top end of movable beam, and the spring is used to eliminate the gap between lead screw and nut.

During working, the motor drives reducer, worm and worm gear to make the lead screw move vertically, realizing the vertical motion of upper roll. The sheet metal flattening machine supports adjustment of the relative position of upper and lower rolls to obtain best leveling effect regardless of the plate type and thickness.

4. Upper and Lower Working Rolls
Working rolls are the most important parts for our plate leveling machine, and they are forged by 42CrMo. After rough turning, they receive quenching and tempering treatments, and the hardness is HB260-280. Then, finish turning, mid-frequency hardening, and fine milling are carried out one by one, and the hardness is HRC55-58.

The processing technique for our working roll is as follows: forging – rough turning – quenching and tempering – rough milling – surface hardening – straightening – rough milling- fine milling. The working rolls undergo strict tests, and we also provide material quality certificate, heat treatment report, flaw detection report and other files along with our product.

5. Support Roll
The support rolls are set between upper/lower roll and upper/lower beam, and they are made from 40Cr. After quenching, they are fine milled, and the hardness is HRC45-50 which is slightly lower than that of working roll. The support rolls bear most of the bending force generated by working roll, and several groups of support rolls work together to significantly improve the strength and rigidity of working rolls.

Our plate leveling machine adopts the wedge block to reduce the bad influence of deformation of working roll, and the adjustment of wedge block is quite convenient. In addition, support roll and roll shaft seat are linked by bearing.

6. Lower Beam
The lower beam also works as the whole base for this roll leveling machine, and it is optimized by computer. It receives welding and tempering treatments to obtain excellent strength, rigidity as well as shock resistance, satisfying working requirements.

7. Plate Infeeding and Outfeeding Tables
These two parts are fabricated on customer's request, and extra cost is needed.

8. Lubrication System
Our plate leveling machine adopts a positive displacement motor-driven grease lubrication system to offer effective lubrication for turning parts of all working rolls. Under the condition that oil way or lubricating point is blocked, it can send out alarm message automatically, and warning device is set on the operation platform.

9. Electrical System
This electrical system is especially designed for our product, and it is comprised of main electrical cabinet, operation cabinet and others. All the motors for main circuit are equipped with circuit breaker and thermal protection device to realize interlock control of overcurrent/overload switch and stroke switch inside operation cabinet.

When the door of electrical cabinet is opened, power supply for this metal plate leveling machine will be cut off automatically. Meanwhile, our product has many limit switches, guaranteeing that the upper roll will stop automatically when it moves to top or bottom limiting position. Also, there are several emergency stop buttons on the machine frame and electrical cabinet, so this sheet metal flattening machine can be shut off quickly under urgent situations. In addition, the power supply for this electrical system is 380VAC/50Hz, and the control voltage for components is 24VDC.

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