1. Hydraulic Tandem Press BrakeThese two metal bending machines can work synchronously to bend ultra long workpieces, and they can also run separately to enhance the utilization rate. The hydraulic tandem press brake has an optional deflection compensation device to improve bending precision.
    1. Manual Sheet Metal Folding MachineOwing to its light weight, good energy conservation, high working efficiency as well as wide application range, this range of sheet metal folder is well sold around the world, and it is the ideal choice for enterprises and family-style workshops.
    1. CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

      The hydraulic bending brake supports storage of maximum 50 processing steps at a time, thus satisfying the demand of processing complex workpieces just within one procedure, avoiding second adjustment. The one-time processing ensures ultra high accuracy.

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    1. Hydraulic Press BrakeThe sheet metal bending machine features motor-driven X and Y axes, and supports fully digital display to ensure convenient operation.
      The hydraulic top drive system ensures constant stability and reliability.

Press Brake

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