1. Sheet Metal Shear

      Depending on these features, this plate shearing machine has been widely accepted in many industries involving sheet metal shearing process, such as motor, automobile, electrical appliance, hardware manufacturing, and more.

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    1. CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Shear

      The CNC system is provided by ESTUN and is especially designed for this metal plate shearer. It allows the hydraulic guillotine shear to operate with fast speed, high precision as well as good stability, and can accurately control the movement of backgauge.

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    1. Hydraulic Guillotine ShearThe shearing angle adjustment is realized by the hydraulic control system. The metal plate shearer is designed with a button to support automatic shearing angle regulation. Operator just needs to release the button after obtaining appropriate shearing angle.
    1. CNC Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear

      Its welded steel structure ensures high reliability and stability, as vibratory stress relief technique is adopted to eliminate stress.The blade clearance supports fast and synchronous adjustment, and the metal plate shearer is able to automatically adjust the blade clearance after the desired value is put in.

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    1. Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear Available with a lighting device, the sheet metal shear ensures convenient manual scribing and shearing. The motor-driven backgauge system supports fast movement and manual micro-adjustment as well. A display device is available to display the value.
    1. Precision Sheet Metal ShearThe workpiece-holding device with belleville spring offers big force to clamp the sheet, preventing the movement of workpiece during shearing process. Thus, the machining precision is guaranteed.

Shearing Machine

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