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Sheet Metal Shear

Q11 series sheet metal shear adopts single-side open-type drive. This sheet metal machinery is characterized by easy operation, beautiful appearance, flexible working, low noise, low failure rate, long service life, stable and compact structure, etc. Depending on these features, this plate shearing machine has been widely accepted in many industries involving sheet metal shearing process, such as motor, automobile, electrical appliance, hardware manufacturing, and more.

Major Components

1. Machine Body
The body of the metal plate shearer is composed of two side plates and a work table which are screwed together. Its upper and lower tool posts are welded totally by steel plate. Due to adoption of vibratory stress relief technique, the sheet metal shear features high mechanical strength and good rigidity.

2. Control Part
When this shearing machine is ready to work, step on the foot switch, and the rotating key will be engaged with clutch to rotate the main shaft, then shearing process starts.

3. Workpiece-Holding Device
The device is used to hold the workpiece on work table tightly and prevent the workpiece from moving or buckling during work.

4. Backgauge

Through forward and backward movements of the backgauge, the sheet metal shear is allowed to cut sheet metals into different lengths.

5. Electrical System
This metalworking cutting tool supports 380V, 50Hz AC power supply. Y series three phase asynchronous motor is applied for main drive, and the overload protection of main motor is achieved by thermal relay. In addition, users should apply a fuse protector for short circuit protection.


1. Our sheet metal shear has small shear angle and inclined rake angle, and these factors contribute to the small warpage of workpiece.
2. The workpiece-holding device with belleville spring exerts big force to avoid moving of workpiece during working, and the processing accuracy is ensured.
3. Meanwhile, the backgauge is equipped with a graduated scale, allowing convenient operation and batch jobs. In addition, the rotating key clutch is also adopted.

Technical Parameters

Model Max.
(L×W×H, mm)
Q11-3.5×1200A 3.5 1200 2°25' 56 0-350 840 3 1420 2080×1520×1280
Q11-3.5×1300A 3.5 1300 2°25' 56 0-350 840 3 1500 2180×1520×1280
Q11-3.5×1500A 3 1500 2°25' 56 0-350 840 3 2200 2380×1520×1280
Q11-4×2000 4 2000 1°30' 56 0-500 800 5.5 3300 3000×1350×1350
Q11-4×2500 4 2500 1°30' 56 0-500 800 5.5 3600 3500×1350×1350
Q11-4×3200 4 3200 1°18' 56 0-500 800 7.5 4800 4250×1500×1350
Q11-6×2000 6 2000 1°45' 56 0-500 800 7.5 4100 3060×1500×1350
Q11-6×2500 6 2500 1°45' 56 0-500 800 7.5 4500 3560×1500×1350
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