Sheet Metal Machinery Manufacturer

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Sheet Metal Machinery Manufacturer

In 1980s, we saw a need for performance sheet metal machinery on both national and international market, and thus we founded JIUWEI as a dedicated manufacturer and supplier of sheet metal processing equipment. Over three decades' development, we now can offer a full line of metalworking machinery, including press brake, hydraulic press, hydraulic shearing machine, roll bending machine, hydraulic steelworker, sheet metal cut to length line, and more. These types of metal fabrication equipment and metal forming equipment are very popular metalworking machine tools in industries such as automobile, shipbuilding, electronics, home appliance, pressure vessel manufacturing, etc. >> More

    1. Sheet Metal Shear

      Depending on these features, this plate shearing machine has been widely accepted in many industries involving sheet metal shearing process, such as motor, automobile, electrical appliance, hardware manufacturing, and more.

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    1. CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Shear

      The CNC system is provided by ESTUN and is especially designed for this metal plate shearer. It allows the hydraulic guillotine shear to operate with fast speed, high precision as well as good stability, and can accurately control the movement of backgauge.

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    1. CNC Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear

      Its welded steel structure ensures high reliability and stability, as vibratory stress relief technique is adopted to eliminate stress.The blade clearance supports fast and synchronous adjustment, and the metal plate shearer is able to automatically adjust the blade clearance after the desired value is put in.

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    1. CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

      The hydraulic bending brake supports storage of maximum 50 processing steps at a time, thus satisfying the demand of processing complex workpieces just within one procedure, avoiding second adjustment. The one-time processing ensures ultra high accuracy.

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    1. Four-Roll Plate Bending Machine

      The JW12 series four-roll plate bending machine is designed and manufactured based on German and Italian technologies. For enhanced reliability, its electrical parts, hydraulic system and other key components are all supplied by famous domestic or world-class manufacturers.

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    1. Plate Leveling Machine

      With enhanced reliability, it is now widely utilized in industries such as metallurgy, vehicle, shipbuilding, container, metal structure, pressure vessel, chemical machinery, etc. It is also a great solution for sheet metal flattening in metalworking industry.

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    1. Stamping Press

      The J21S series fixed table stamping press is one of our most popular machine presses and features deep throat depth. The enlarged workspace allows the metal forming press perfect for stamping of large sized sheet metals.

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    1. Four Column Hydraulic Press

      This range of metal formiThis range of metal forming press is equipped with independent power system and electrical system, and uses circuit relay to accomplish adjustment and semi-automatic operation modes. ng press is equipped with independent power system and electrical system, and uses circuit relay to accomplish adjustment and semi-automatic operation modes.

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    1. Single Column Hydraulic Press

      The hydraulic press is fitted with a contactless photoelectric switch for the slide stroke adjustment, and a pressure regulating valve for the control of main cylinder pressure. Additionally, it adopts a time relay for pressure holding time control.

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